Bespoke Adaptation

Bespoke Adaptation

You don’t have to be an IT company to benefit from JIM! We can conduct a Bespoke Adaptation of JIM for your organization to ensure it is established as a Business Management system that works with you and your needs.

The system is written in an incredibly flexible manner so JIM can be adapted accordingly.

JIM – Bespoke Adaptation for any size of business

As soon as you have more than one member of staff in your business you need a way of tracking customer requirements. An Excel spreadsheet is completely inadequate, especially in our world of remote and geographically-diverse working.

JIM is cloud-based and immediately overcomes this challenge. Moreover, a bespoke adaptation of JIM ensures you have a business management system that operates as your business operates. No more ‘working around’ off-the-shelf systems that force you to work in a way that may not be appropriate for your business.

Contact us today for more information on how we can adapt JIM to meet and achieve your requirements.

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