Business Management with JIM

Business Management with JIM

There is so much more to JIM than sales, operations, projects and accounts. JIM effectively helps you define the way your business operates.

For example you can:

  • Upload your business management documentation
  • Maintain an approved suppliers list and document your suppliers in the same way you document your customers
  • Automate customer satisfaction surveys of work conducted (and get rankings for your technicians and business overall)
  • Build and maintain a knowledge base. One of your team unsure how to do something? Ask JIM!

That’s just a snapshot of the strength and flexibility JIM provides. Unlike those rigid systems that force you to change your business processes or systems, you can make JIM work for you in the way your business operates.

Remember, unlike other systems where you pay extra for each ‘module’, JIM’s pricing package is a straightforward all-in-one deal.

Don’t take our word for it – seeing is believing! Sign-up for a free trial – we know you’ll love it.

Accounting package costs are not included in your JIM subscription.

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