Operations (Ticketing module)

Operations (Ticketing module)

Track all of your tickets. Simple to say, yet so difficult to do with other systems. With JIM it’s easy.

Create the ticket, assign it to a technician (or they can self-assign). Document every step of the work conducted as you go.

Notably, track time spent. No more trying to figure-out time spent on work. JIM tracks it for you, so you know exactly what work was performed for a customer, how long it took and therefore how much to bill them. Different ticket types and billing types are available too. Take the tour below!

Remember, unlike other systems where you pay extra for each ‘module’, JIM’s pricing package is a straightforward all-in-one deal.

Don’t take our word for it – seeing is believing! Sign-up for a free trial – we know you’ll love it.

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