This is where the pain begins with most systems. A separate accounting system, or a poorly-integrated accounting system. Leading to accounts querying sales and operations and technicians. Leading to sales and operations and technician frustration having to figure things out. Leading to delays and accounts team frustrations. In short, frustrations, conflict, delays, wasted time and lost productivity.

JIM integrates with:

The two most widely used accounting systems.

API integrations are available for other accounting systems such as Xero. We’ll also happily assist with integrating to other accounting systems as required.

Remember, unlike other systems where you pay extra for each ‘module’, JIM’s pricing package is a straightforward all-in-one deal.

Don’t take our word for it – seeing is believing! Sign-up for a free trial – we know you’ll love it.

Accounting package costs are not included in your JIM subscription.

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